Rob Robert, English teacher, USA

The service was great, we were picked up from our speedboat given a tour at town, a great meal and welcoming house stay. One of our travel partner was sick and supi helped got medical attention. The site was good, a nice location. Idris was a very excited guide we had a lot of fun, he know so much about the forest. I would like to see more. The park is beautiful , there is so much to see. I would have liked to walked furter and covered more ground in the peak. I may come again !

Faizan Arshad, USA (Physician)

It is excellent weekend trip, The house provides good accomadation. Excellent knowledge willing to adjust trip based on group’s preference. Great National Park

Andreas Martin , Germany (Bank Clerk)

At first I was unsure if this company can be trusted, all the things which have been agreed were fulfilled by Nasalis. Guide was very helpful and gave much support and explanation, he was good informed, porters were realiable too. It is a great place to learn more about different habitats, research activities and the National Park in generally

Ian Marquis, Canada (Engineer)

I can say Muslianto is very very good and without his, my experience would not have been so good. For me Muslianto is the best thing about my experience here. The sound and sight of the park are special, unique and different from what I know. Both inspiring and peaceful.

Jeff wyatt and Andrew, Canada

Excellent pick up and drop off, lots of snack, great meals at camp. Really amazing camp in National park. Hotel in Sukadana (Mahkota) and Ketapang (Aston) were fantastic.

Jennifer Vollmer & Jurjen T, Germany

Perfect e-mail service + organization, when we arrived very helpful. Very good camp in Lubuk Baji, very comfortable. The guide very very friendly and helpful, good cooking, perfect knowledge about place but knows little english.

Elmor Becker & Elaine , South Africa (Teacher)

We read about in the Lonely planet, guidebook and by person in Ketapang. The service was good, they were excellent and take very good care of their guests. To add to that, they are wonderful cooks, food was great and they looked after all our needs. We hope government and local people keep on protecting this area. The local people in the village surrounding the park should benefit more financially from the eco tour. The campsite is very well maintained and the guides respect the environment by not polluting. Overall impression this was an amazing experience which will recommended for anyone. Thanks you very much.

Elisa Lanzavecchia, Italy

Very good service. They pick us up to bring us to the office and they gave us plenty information, helping us deciding which site to visit. The forest was excatly as I expected. Really nice, really liked Gunung Palung because gives the opportunity to see animal in the wild and not from feeding platform.

Tyler Parrington, Canada (Doctor)

Searching internet- official site. The service very helpful in arranging the trip, transport, food, etc. the guide very kind and helpful. Great!!

Cloiseau Cristopher , France (Music Producer)

The service was good. Friendly, helpful, everyting was great from beginning to end. Finding solutions to every problem. It’s paradise, eden, heaven on earth. Lots of potential can be developed a litle bit. But I trust KPN Nasalis and I think they will develop good ideas there. Overall impression is that we to come back as soon as possible.

Rajesh Mohanasundaram, USA (Data Architect)

I first made a trip to Lubuk Baji in Nov 2012.  I love it so I came back this year. Cabang Panti location is very good. This site is amazing for anyone who wants to experience the jungle.  It is easy to spot Orangutans. The trees are amazing and there is much to explore. It is a very good adventure experience of real jungles. The hike to Batu Tingi was very interesting to experience different type of jungle…

Herry my guide was excellent.  His knowledge of the area and willingness to help, friendliness was commendable.  I never felt unsafe.  Very good. Wahab my porter was perfect.  He never let me carry anything and never showed tiredness.  He is very strong and intelligent and will be a very good for the tour company. Julianna the cook was very helpful and made good food the way I like. The biggest thing to improve is CPRS needs some repairs and work. Lubuk baji was excellent facilities.

Mr. Yoshikura – Japan

The service was good. but it would be better if I could get more information in advance, ex. what I should bring, etc. Nice experience, except leaks a tent. The guide very friendly and helpful.
weak points : lack of information sites, belongings, shedule etc.
strong points: good meals and nice experience.

Jake A, Jurnalist, USA

Beautiful wildlife lots of biodiversity, facilities are beautiful,it’s a nice place to stay

Rika Nehkorn, Jurnalist, Germany

The service is good, the guide very friendly, food very tasty and cook a lots of fresh vegetables, its beautiful site, I really enjoyed my stay here, thanks you!

Ngurah and regina, Bussiness, Poland

Very good and friendly guide, nice person, this site peace felt and interesting and we love that.

Lotte Ann , Netherlands

Facilities are like expected, very basic but this means low impact on ecosystem, so good! Muslianto (guide) was amazing, veri helful, very enthousiastic, was really tring was to speak english or teach us indonesian. He was so happy to see wildlife and great cook. The site is very beautiful like I imagine a tropical rainforest to be plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. This was for me an amazing experience and I hope many more people can enjoy.

Tillie Jonas, Teacher , USA

Its very good tour the people are very helpful and the guide have a lot information to help the guests during their tour, they were very very helpful, they took care of my group when one person got sick they made sure we had a wonderful experince.